Sara Hughes

New Zealand

I am continually fascinated with the way we navigate and understand the world we live in and the effect, which code, pattern and language have on our visual cognition, which often leads me to make site-specific installations that explore aspects of experience, perception and semiology. My current projects investigate imagery and data relating to patterns of behaviour and configurations of spectacle and national identity as portrayed through the use of colour, consumerism and propaganda.

“Sara Hughes is an artist compelled to inhabit the capricious edges of what painting might be. Her obsessions splinter out from hybrid ideas around arcane information technologies, nasty computer viruses, codings, weaving patterns, networks, assorted digital communication systems, and the chimerical tricks of optical perception. Remnants and traces from recent technological, communication and filmic histories are gathered up by Hughes in an effort to infiltrate the present.” (Rhana Devenport)

01.09.2008 – 31.08.2009