Samnang Khvay


Newspaper Man, 2011, Digital C-Print, 120 x 180 cm, Edition of 5 & 1 AP

Samnang Khvay engages with concepts of mediation, change and continuity, offering new interpretations of historic events, long-standing cultural practices and contentious current affairs.

Khvay holds a BA in Painting from the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh (2006) and is a founding member of the artist collective Stiev Selapak and the art venues Sa Sa Art Projects (2010) and Sa Sa Bassac (2011). Recent exhibitions include If the World Changed, 4th Singapore Biennale, Everyday Life, 4th Asian Art Biennial (Taiwan), and Phnom Penh: Rescue Archaeology, ifa (Berlin and Stuttgart).

01.09.2014 – 01.09.2015