Samira Hodaei


Unresponsive, Mixed media on canvas, 7 parts, 50 x 50 cm each, 2017

I am currently investigating the concept of environment and its influence on humankind between reality and virtual reality. I look at how vicarious living through the media influences the thoughts, perceptions, progress and understanding of our own selves in regard to what is happening simultaneously around us, and how our actions or mere observations are affecting our own lives and the lives of others. In my self-portraits, the faces seem cold and unresponsive to the catastrophic events that are happening, relating to the fact that the media cause a desensitising effect on people, making them no more than spectators to the events they portray. The technique I use consists of glass paint on canvas. The forms are entirely created by applying the paint in pixel-like dots, sometimes on a painted background. I occasionally use mixed media to make the base.

15.08.2017 – 15.08.2018