Sabina Timmermans


Self-portrait as a Monkey, Acrylic on linen 120 x 170 cm, 2014

Human beings entertain an ambivalent relationship with nature. On the one hand, nature is an idealized and mythical appearance in the desire of man, which arouses his wanderlust. On the other hand, he wants to control and frame it to make his life more bearable. Sabina Timmermans reflects on this relationship in her paintings. She depicts images that refer to nature while at the same time always revealing that this nature is “merely” present in a staged and constructed setting – like plants in a pot or a mountain that is isolated from its natural landscape and functions as a decor in an undefined space. Through painting Timmermans questions the legitimacy of the symbolic and metaphorical meanings people ascribe to the term ‘nature’.

01.12.2015 – 01.04.2016