Raquel Paiewonsky

Dominican Republic

Raquel Paiewonsky, Hiper pouf, Photographic print, 82 x 122 cm, 2014

The predominantly feminine social body in Raquel Paiewonsky’s work addresses issues of gender politics, couple relationships, sexuality, maternity, ecology and other issues of a general nature, but it also alludes to hot-button issues in the Dominican context, such as prostitution. The artist uses the body as a kind of tropological platform from which to illuminate these issues in their own complexity and in the imaginal complexity of art, without falling into the prevailing literalness of socially critical art in her country. We are mistaken if we think that her artworks are about the body or sexuality. They are so only indirectly, because here the body is above all else a critical resource that drives the artist’s expression with great power.

(Gerardo Mosquera)

01.04. – 01.06.2015