Per Svensson


Per Svensson, “Ocean Audioscope”, Corten Steel, Solar Panel, Sound Unit, Loudspeakers, 6x4x4m, Pilane Sculpture Park, Tjörn, Bohuslän, Sweden, 2018, photo: Peter Lennby

”My work is a free-form Research in Art, Alchemy, and Sound. In my Art, I am occupied with looking up Nature’s way to create organic, asymmetrical, and even geometrical structures. In my works, I am creating visual and Sound Art structures of different materials such as; metal, wood, color, sound devices, and film. I work with and feel connected to the primordial elements of Nature. My Sculptures and Performances are about social and environmental issues.
I am looking up Mother Nature’s way to create and how The Forces of Nature are re-creating Nature and creating new Life forms.
Not unlike doing Sculptural work in Art, Nature is creating asymmetrical, triangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, and polymetric structures. Even geometrical structures are related to the stability of architectural structures and structures of creating sculpture and visual art. Related to the physicality of sound and sound wave structures from the vibration of matter and the primordial elements. When burning minerals with high temperatures meet the ice-cold and low temperatures of a glacier, new forms are created. Interesting is the mystery of vacuum and the extremely high pressure on materials, that form minerals and matter into asymmetrical and even geometrical structures. Basalt rock and Lava stone formations are created when Lava erupts under the ice of a glacier. Water from the melting ice creates random sculptural forms when burning and melting lava from Earth’s inner core meets the Atmosphere and Air.
All living creatures and species live with evolution. Art is a part of the evolution and a part of this constant change in Life.
My art is created from within, using Alchemy and Sound as tools, and Nature as a source.” – Per Svensson

01.01. – 30.06.2023