Patrik Elgström


From the series: BLOCKING, Silver gelatin photography mounted on aluminium, 48 x 60 cm

The studio serves as a starting point of my works, as the hub of the story. I map and explore Berlin in a series of walks through the city’s historical centre of power. Past the areas that form another Berlin. The space between the houses and buildings. Space that represents a pause while waiting to be explored. The walls that separate the inside from the outside. The negative space of what is left. Something we pass by every day. A volume that extends outwards. Something between the wall, the street and the sky. If I close my eyes, what do I see? The sight gives me the feeling of space. I shape the space in my mind. I hear the height by the bird’s song. The leaves form walls. The acoustic space. Opening my eyes, I pay attention to objects in front of me. I objectify my surroundings. Something to focus on. The pause between open and closed. Between the house and the street. The break between the act of taking a photo and the moment I actually see the image I took. The moment when the image develops from a potential to an actual photography.