Patricia Castillo

Dominican Republic

Adonde Voy – Where Do I Go, 2011, Installation, 11 x 7 m

One of the questions that captures me is how human beings make their livings and all external circumstances involved in that context. In my visual production I try to provoke concerns about the identity of mankind. By exposing our state of consciousness, the level of our humanization process becomes obvious. In our daily life we are constantly confronted, surrounded and burdened by things. In my work I do not limit myself in the search for materials and I structure my installations amongst others with materials such as wood, fabrics, bubble gum, syringes and hair. I analyze the purpose of varying ordinary objects or experiment with things made of synthetic substance. This working process brought forward the development of large-scale installations for bigger spaces that metaphorically stand for enormous industrial productions and their affects on the ecosystem. I would like the spectator to meditate about his or her responsibility towards the degeneration of our planet by magnifying a specific product in large quantities and in another context.