Orawan Arunrak


The Owner, 2015, 30 Paintings, Information from people in North (Vietnam): 15 components, South (Vietnam): 15 components and Finger Print (from North and South), My writing on paper in Vietnamese and English language, Neon lights, Bricks, Wooden doors, Clear Acrylic, Courtesy of the artist and San Art"

Orawan Arunrak’s primary medium is her everyday life. She uses basic art tools like pencils, pens and paper, to create works taking the forms of drawing, painting, and installation. Orawan has often engaged herself in dialogue with specific local communities. This has been her attempt to share and merge between the space of art and non-art together. Orawan has spent much of the past three years moving between her native Thailand and neighbouring countries. Traveling and living in different places across Southeast Asia and beyond, Orawan has been drawn to dialogues that are shared in the region, crossing national and other borders. As a result, in recent years her work has been influenced by her learning about likenesses and differences within and between cultures. This in turn has lured her into subjects of history, as well as the sociopolitical landscapes of the Southeast Asian region.

Thanks to Pojai Akratanakul and Roger Nelson for text

01.09.2016 – 01.09.2017