Monika Sosnowska


Monika Sosnowska designs spaces that usually hide some surprises: strange proportions of scale, or other labyrinthine puzzles. Her murals use trompe l’oeil principles: the painted patterns pulse before our eyes, assume a third direction, or pretend to be something impossible. Her architectonic installation begin with a well known idea but take it further, exploring from the point at which the architects and designers left it. […] A recurring motif in her works is, for instance, the wainscot: both aesthetic and practical habit of painting the lower part of the wall with greenish oil paint that has become something of a trademark for public buildings in the former Eastern bloc. […] Sosnowska’s works not only apple to our aesthetic sense but also invite us to become totally involved in the physical reception of spatial sensations. In return, they allow us to imagine the mysteries that may be lurking on the other side of the wall.

(Duvarin Ote Yakasinda)

04.11. – 21.11.2004