Mikael Christian Strøbek


Leaning Triangle, 2017

Mikael Christian Strøbek works in the spaces between the classical art forms of painting, sculpture and installation, and implements geometric, systemic and serial concepts to shed light not only on contentual and compositional themes but on the mediums themselves. The defined, the implied and the assumed are tightly woven together in his work, which opens up a space in which fundamental perceptual principles are made physical.

His fascination with basic geometric shapes stems from the realisation of the duality which is inherently connected to both the irrefutable concept, as well as the abstract nature of these shapes – the on one hand clearly defined mathematical description of geometric shapes, and on the other hand the abstract reality of the natural scalability of the aforementioned shapes. With these basic shapes Mikael seeks the absolute neutral without the interference of antecedent opinion and emotion, so as to create a frame in which the viewer can freely associate and define content and meaning.

15.10.2018 – 15.10.2019