Michelle Hall


Limbic Transfer Digital image (stone, string, felt, plastic, golden thread, man-made fur, paper), 100 x 68 cm, 2018

My interdisciplinary research practice combines many modes of investigation and production. Throughout my work I use objects, images, details and textures as catalysts for narratives that fall somewhere between fact, fiction and myth. I am interested in concealed, unspoken and hidden histories and my explorations are driven by a desire to examine, reveal and transform. I continue to produce new ways of doing this by creating unusual links between various objects, histories, materials and processes. Drawing upon aspects of personal history and ongoing research into psychological processes, my work deals with themes of socio-political relevance in relation to memory and loss, weaving together reflections on various healing and therapeutic practices. My working methods include moving image, installation, text and performance, and are underpinned by the act of gathering various materials and information over an extended period of time.

15.11. – 15.12.2018