Mauro Cerqueira


Tension, weakness, balance, density, construction and destruction are key words in my artistic vocabulary. My works draw mostly on daily events, teenage culture and literature to investigate notions such as violence and social stability or conformity, the weight or lightness of bodies, or personal relationships with their obsessions and anxieties. Like the drawing of a boy who bruised his knee after jumping into an empty pool, many of my works put viewers in the position of a passer-by arriving at the scene of an accident. My sculptures are often invested with a sense of performance, which manifests itself by a certain instability or imbalance of the objects or by conveying the impression of a suspended action, as in the image of a shelf which has been half-devastated using a knife. This also applies to installations in which the viewer is asked to activate a device; these are either the result of a past performance or function like a stage for actions to come.