Marinella Senatore


Marinella Senatore works with photography, drawing, video, installation and sound. Her projects, which are often developed in collaboration with museums and universities, involve entire communities in the creative process – for instance, a group of rappers in Harlem (2009), a community of retired miners in Sicily (2010) or two hundred residents of New York’s Lower East Side (2011). The spectator of Senatore’s works becomes a participant, as the traditional hierarchy between the artist as author and the public as passive consumer is undermined. By way of a micro-credit system, the artist furthermore involves the general audience as producers of her public projects: her musical Speak Easy (2009) was thus entirely financed by 1,200 citizens of Madrid, who each contributed one euro. Intertwining personal events, collective processes, facts, fiction, history and local chronicles, Senatore’s work fosters the construction of an archive of shared narratives which create a sense of community.

01.09.2011 – 31.03.2012