Lucas Lenglet


The use of violence in an institutionalised form is more or less widely accepted as a way to reach certain goals. This kind of violence asks for tight organisation and consequently has its own, clear aesthetics. The same violence on an individual level, however, is taboo and hence not accepted. I think of it as an expression of – or a reaction on – aggression as a self-evident part of life. I believe there is a parallel between the organisation and the involved aesthetics of the strategies I use to reach certain goals, and the institutionalised ones. By combining the violence, in a formal way, with the designed ideal space, I use the most powerful elements at my disposal.

Designing the space around me is a way of creating quietness and an ideal situation in the pursuit of my goals. An ideal space has certain dimensions, a colour, a light situation and a layout that makes it the most suitable for me at a given moment. Most of my works are strategies. They are spatial reflections on how to position myself in relation to art (art history, the art world), the outside world and myself again. My works are bases of operation, shelters, hideouts or objects that belong to such places. They are closed places of presentation where the archaeology of (possible) action or an incident is shown.

01.04.2005 – 31.03.2006