Liu Yunyi


My works continue to study the overlap and the relationship between space and time, memory, subconsciousness and history, visualizing the transformation and evolution of space, and the influence and interaction of people through different media. One of the projects I have been working on for the last decade is called “The Vanishing Portraits” series. I photographed portraits of modern ruins from different historical and cultural backgrounds,transformed these buildings, which are about to be forgotten and have lost their original functions, into historical and memory bearers and monuments.

The recent project “Landscaping from History” is a series of photographs that I took in Kinmen, one of Taiwan’s outer islands, portraying the war landscapes and military ruins there. The natural landscape on the island has been gradually transformed in accordance with military use during the long period of martial law. Scenes of the pain and traces of war can be seen in the landscape, as well as the shadows of the history.