Linn Pedersen


Linn Pedersen’s artistic practice encompasses photography, collage and sculpture as well as video and film. Merging documentary features with poetic elements, her photographs depict such varied subjects as discarded consumer goods, landscape sceneries, architectural constructions or human figures. Taken during random walks through the landscape, they are simultaneously expressive and introverted, examining the thin line between commonplace and idealisation by focussing on materiality and “objecthood”. The artist’s collages, in turn, are more like fleeting “thought-maps”, with subjects ranging from architectural mega-structures to scientific illustrations, residential buildings and personal photos. They can be read like attempts to chart her physical and social surroundings, and to find correlations between the emotional and the material. Pedersen’s sculptures, finally, are mostly recreations, or strangely idealised copies, of structures appearing in her photographs. Currently the artist is exploring a new approach, in which she inverts the process to create sculptures specifically for her photographs.

01.12.2011 – 30.11.2012