Letizia Romanini


Variations # 3, Sponge, sewing, water, variable dimensions, 2017

In a society that encourages the « always more » and « always faster », my artistic practice seeks to create a parenthesis, a breath, a temporal interval. The gesture, the repetition, collection, link participate in a pause where I invite to reassess the daily. I translate through «leftovers » fragments of the world as a counterpoint to a frenzy in which we are caught in spite of ourselves. 

As our world becomes visually saturated and our social relations are increasingly mediated through images or visual technologies, my practice responds by drawing attention to what is unnoticed and usually overlooked. In other words, my research projects aim to reveal what habituation has derealized by representing the evanescent, the almost futile in order to underline the fascinating existence of things. 

Space and time are essential concepts to my work. My productions question the human condition and the fragile boundary between absence and presence, between the visible and the invisible.

01.07. – 31.12.2018