Kyoco Taniyama


Copyright: Hiroyuki Kudoh

Kyoco Taniyama’s creative inspiration is motivated by the concept of “ubiety”, which is the quality or state of being in a space, because she is in search of experiencing the “I am here now” reality. Based on this idea she has been making a series of installation works that can be thought of as interpretations of the relationship between location, person(s), and identity in relation to the history, culture, and life of a specific site. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, she has incorporated latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates as an important element of her work after her experiences of clearing up the debris at the disaster-stricken area right after the earthquake. At that time, a simple question “Where am I now?” came to her mind. Since then, she has been developing art projects that comprise a series of photographic works that use latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, photographs of the location, interviews, and installation.