Julie Favreau


Julie Favreau, The sand under, Delicat Pulse Serie, 2016, Inkjet print 76,2 X 57,1 cm

Julie Favreau’s practice is located at the crossroads of visual art and choreography: research into gesture and movement feeds into the production of sculpture and vice versa. She composes scenes involving an environment, a performer, and one or more objects; producing intensely private worlds, inhabited by enigmatic figures engaged in highly charged encounters. Her projects are comprised of various overlapping forms, such as video, sculpture, performance, installation and photography. These are open stories, meant to induce a state of heightened sensory awareness in the viewer, inviting concentration, focus, and intimacy. Favreau’s process-oriented methods also touch on phenomenological concerns about the embodiment of cognition as well as psychoanalytic concepts of myth and the unconscious. Recent works explore desire and eroticism.

15.12.2016 – 15.12.2017