Julia Jalowiec


"Kewpie Granny" Cast Iron 2016 9"w x 12"h x 8"d, Photo: Julia Jalowiec

Julia Jalowiec allows viewers to see previously unseen environments and people through her sculpture and 2-D work. Their prior imagined existence does not negate the realness of their new physicality in which Julia explores the idea of “the larger community”. She often addresses what it means to deal with the lines of relationship whether by socio-political constructs, familial bonds, or those of friendship. In a life filled with her own illness and the loss of those around her, Julia’s work employs both humor and the grotesque as her own mortality has become an influencer.

Her work has recently been shown at SITE131 in Dallas, the Amarillo Museum of Art, and she continues to work on large scale collaborative pieces with other artists. Most recently, she was named Mercedes-Benz Financial Emerging Artist which brings her to Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.

01.07. – 31.08.2019