Juei Hsien Hsu (Ruey Shiann Shyu)


Dreambox, Wolf 125 motorcycle, motors, metal construction, steel, wire, sensor, transformer, 400 x 300 x 230 cm, 2012

Ruey Shiann Shyu is a mediator between the realms of humanity and technology. Through his constantly rhythmic constructs, he makes us feel at ease, allowing our inner feelings and deep-seated memories to rise to the surface. What we opt to do with them once they arise is up to us, just as we won’t know if the memory will be a fond or sad one until it appears. No matter the end result, we can definitely look to Shyu’s incredibly powerful and sublime sculptures and installations to act as the catalyst that can deliver us to the very core of who we are, and more importantly, to expose the reasons behind why we are the way we are. And just like his bare wires, revolving gears and skeletal armatures, so too do we stand fully exposed when in front of his timelessly poetic work. (Excerpt from a catalogue essay by Eric Shiner, Director, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh)