Jost Kirsten


Although considered by many to be a conceptual artist, Jost Kirsten, by his own admission, tends toward minimalism. For some, the shocking simplicity of his art takes getting used to. Each detail of each piece is part of a well thought-out process and there are no extraneous bits to be found here. It is his deft presentation of the subject in its most naked form that grips the viewer, the hard-hitting simplicity of the message the artist skilfully conveys.

At times his art is easily interpreted, being boldly witty and downright playful, and the onlooker is left with a deep sense of gratitude and satisfaction. At other times his work challenges thought and interpretation to the point of frustration by not granting the viewer simple and definite answers. Yet those familiar with his style know the artist is communicating, daring the onlooker to participate in a riddle that teases them to examine their own internal processes in reaction to what they are looking at.

(Andrew Robson)

15.10.2008 – 15.10.2009