Jorge Queiroz


There are different layers in my work – forms, signals, spaces, light, energy, sound, colour, intensity, more or less real time and surface. The line between the part inside and the part outside is nearly nothing: the silhouette and the outline cannot be regarded solely as limits, but as a way of representing on paper.

I taught myself to draw and I hope I never learn how to draw, for something fundamentally convivial in my work would be lost. Reading the work in different ways enables me to see the possibilities of the work itself in progress. My work is envisaged more as a question than as an answer. The shadow of a blind man descending a flight of steps is my mentor. Freedom and imagination are inviolable principles.

The character of the drawing is defined by the way it is done; the outline reveals what is necessary, neither more nor less. I keep removing the cover of a structure that exists in my mind; it is not a simple transplanting of forms, objects or situations. Time ticks by and what is done, what could be done, is the mark left by the way of doing.

(Excerpt from: Jorge Queiroz, in: Jorge Queiroz, Exhibition cat., Galeria Quadrado Azul, Porto, 2002.)

01.12.2003 – 30.11.2004

Jorge Queiroz