Joey Fauerso


Underground, Acrylic on paper, 259 cm high x 335 cm wide, 2016, Courtesy: David Shelton Gallery

Across text, painting, film and sound, Fauerso’s  work luxuriates in a coiled chaos, telescoping from the whimsical, joyful intrigues of family to the dark, cresting tides of a world gripped by fear and panic. One series of work spaces surreally didactic poems with Fauerso’s monochrome paintings. Some of the text from the poems comes from things said by her children during make-believe games. As Fauerso states, “When children play and make-believe, the assigning of meaning and value is incredibly fluid. There is an elasticity to the naming of things.” These sequences are simultaneously instructive and disorienting, and much of the meaning alights and connects through the process of arranging. Fauerso’s work is inspired by her life, family, what she reads and what is happening in the world. Fauerso is keenly aware of the gap between these streams and the way they lattice together.

15.04. – 15.07.2017