János Fodor


János Fodor works with drawing, photography, and most distinctively, video. His films are characteristically snapshot sequences that capture exceptional moments of everyday life identified in chaotic urban environments. He favours short clips that convey a single idea, revealing the concept of an image, without dwelling unduly on form or encouraging sentimentality. There is both irony and sympathy in his observations of the quotidian existence of street furniture, public vehicles, shop window layouts, signage of all kinds, as well as the human and non-human inhabitants of the city, suggestive of the modern flaneur’s eye for accidental urban poetry. In Fodor’s work, reflective surfaces creatively distort reality, causing church spires to bend and shimmer, and spiritual truths are revealed in the fluttering of plastic wrapping left on a row of brand new anti-parking bollards on a windy day.

(Maja and Reuben Fowkes)

23.06. – 09.07.2006