Hyun Na


PILE, 2010; photographed by hyemi

Na Hyun’s work originates from historical incidents. The artist infers connections between past events and present society, reconstructing them in documentary format. In so doing, he presents a realistic depiction of the structural uncertainty inherent to historical events.

The historical events that constitute a recurring theme in Na’s work have been established and accepted through history. By reexamining these events with a humanistic imagination and eliciting a deviation through a new perspective, he demonstrates the nature of the violence that is inherent to history. Na uses methods such as documentary, interviews, and archiving to objectivize incidents. What he is actually indicting, however, is not the factuality of the incidents themselves, but the fictitious ideas that subtly inhabit them. In other words, he intervenes with a history composed of stuffed specimens and reconstructs traces of memory that are immanent in historical incidents, all the while ceaselessly questioning our identity.

15.03.2013 – 15.03.2014