Hyeejin Bae


Hyeejin Bae is a visual artist based in South Korea, London and Berlin. Her work deals with how our social behavior and interactions have been changed by our global digital communication networks and in particular commercial social media platforms.

She approaches our changing identities and representation of ‘self’ and ‘other’ in relation to four domains, namely, the domains of self-identification, consumption, classification, and intimacy. Her art practise draws on these domains to explore the psychological dynamics that are at work within each of them, with a particular focus on the attitudes that underlie our digital othering and consumption of each other. She suggests that these patterns of behaviour are driven by individuals’ fear of one another, a primordial fear that remains as a residual driver of human action despite claims of the civilising forces of history. She suggests we manifest this fear by transforming the other into the subordinated instrumentalised object of our gratification and amusement.
She aims for her work to serve as a small antidote to the fragmentating forces seen in cyberspace by offering viewers a shared experience on the basis of which they can reflect on and engage with the topics she has raised. In an era where the world exists as a flat image and we communicate through indirect windows like social media platforms, She believe that art as an intuitive experience can be an important means of communication to overcome a superficial world in which social interaction risks being reduced to a mere means of self-promotion.

01.05. – 31.10.2024