Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir


The Artist as a Worker, version 2, Series of 3 versions Digital photography, C type inkjet print on Hahnemuhle paper, 50 x 50 cm, 2014. Photo: Dennis Helm. Courtesy of the artist

I’m a curious person.

I look at the world with art as my point of view.

For me the world is a community of people: their situations, their environment, their movements in space and time.

From a personal point of view I look at how these things relate and, most importantly, communicate. I research.

It is a process-oriented practice that involves social engagement and reflection on current, historical and future social, political and cultural states of affairs.

The research becomes a source of inspiration from which ideas are born and projects are initiated.

My projects are long-term with many different artistic outcomes along the way.

The artistic outcomes can be objects, performances, video installation, film and whatever serves to communicate the idea and make space for a transformative experience for the audience and myself.

Interdisciplinarity is key and collaboration the major driving force.

I enjoy collaborating with other artists and professionals from different fields, from both inside and outside of academia and the professional creative sphere; and from the worlds of art and film.

I enjoy engaging with people of all professions and non-professions, incorporating diverse positions and embodied knowledge bases.

It is about how things are and how they happen.

My strength is my unique perspective. My unique perspective is my strength.

I share this perspective with others by sharing my position as art works. At its best this leads me to uncover the invisible or the ignored.