Image: Heeza Bahc, the second studio, 2019, three-dimensionally transformed photo-images, variable dimensions

HEEZA BAHC deals mainly with photographic images create spatial compositions. At the beginning of her work lay the questions, what is art? and what is the status/value of the image in our time? People today look at photos not in the form of books or magazines, but through digital devices. Therefore, the artist asks herself how the image interacts with the viewer today.

Her work focuses mainly on things, everyday objects that are not perceived in our environment. The term spatial composition describes the structure of her photography. It is about the place where, within the picture area, the main subject should be located in relation to the edges and other pictorial elements. In her compositionally well thought out works, secondary elements are used to draw the viewer’s eye to the main subject. Through her work, the objects are rearranged and take on a new meaning or change, so that their status also changes.

In her works HEEZA BAHC makes an attempt to fathom the nature of artworks and their status. Looking at which aims art should pursue through artworks, she uses transformation as a key notion on the border between creation and production, visual art and popular art.

HEEZA BAHC has exhibited in numerous institutions including: Yangju City Chang-Ucchin Museum, In-cheon art platform, Space Onsue, Songeun art space, Shin-han bank Gallery, Goeun Museum of Photography, Sangsang-madang Seoul and Chun-cheon, Insa Art Space. She has been a grantee of various artist-in-residence programs: Incheon Art Platform, 777 residency of Yanju city Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, Space can Old-house.

12.01. – 15.11.2022