Guido van der Werve


My work consists of performance-based films and videos, for which I usually compose original soundtracks. In communicating with the audience, I aim for a directness similar to the effect of music. I therefore rely mostly on my intuition, choosing the various components of my films – texts, performances, music, film sequences, inventions etc. – according to my given state of mind. The various scenes are then undergoing a process of abstraction, allowing me to create a work which is as open as possible. Creating an atmosphere allows me to communicate ideas in a straightforward and understandable way. Every member of the audience reacts differently to a given atmosphere, which ultimately means that the artist becomes irrelevant. For me it is also important to keep my thoughts at a pre-verbal level, as language generally acts like a filter that removes essential parts of any idea. I use mostly film and video because they enable me to combine my different interests. I am aiming to create a “total art work”, where I have total control over the various aspects and elements of the medium.