Fermín Jiménez Landa


Fever, 2015, pipes, heater and 40º water

Fermín Jiménez Landa works on the basis of different languages –drawing, photography, installation and video – to interrogate everyday practices taken from daily routines in public and social spaces, mainly the street and the Internet. A euphoric, and wholly powerless, illusionism that, by means of the productive use of the absurd, the eager (but no ingenuous) engagement of the precarious, and the trascendent of the normative, formulates a work marked by an incredulous and jesting conceptualism focused on art’s micro-political effects. In other words, his work consciously forces the ridiculous in a satirical and anti-heroic mission to generate temporal ruptures in our lives, thus tampering with what we believed certain. To that end, the artist honestly resorts to deception and trickery.

(David Armengol)