Fermín Ceballos

Dominican Republic

Contradition, 2012, Jute rope, polyester, resin and steel rod, Hight 70 cm

I have always had diverse interests – a curiosity that encourages me to experiment and explore possibilities by venturing into different disciplines and tackling various technical, formal and conceptual aspects of art. I can’t and I won’t be limited to a single discipline, medium or theme, but beyond this diversity my works share a number of constant characteristics. Their motives are essentially introspective, with a sense of solitude, silence and sobriety radiating from the compositions and colour schemes. I arrange a minimum of static elements in large empty spaces and use a palette practically reduced to black and white. A marked interest for textures and material properties leads me to experiment with various materials in my painting, while as a performer I’m interested in sustaining the effect of a static image or repetitive action for a prolonged period of time.


01.04. – 30.06.2016