Émilie Picard


Feu, 2022, Acrylic on canvas, ©Émilie Picard

Emilie is a French artist based in Strasbourg. Her paintings explore notions of decoy, pretense and appearance. They are composed like stage productions whose actors have mysteriously disappeared.
The artist depicts objects, animal or plant artifacts that pile up to form the remnants of an action whose meaning eludes us. There are also fake, precarious architectures, models made of cardboard and garbage. The poetry of these unusual objects and shoddy scenery is that of an illusion that ill-conceals its strings. All these elements are part of an ambiguous, compartmentalized space that questions the relationship between interior and exterior spaces.
Emilie Picard is interested in the durability of images. The deterioration and crumbling of pictorial matter are evoked through numerous quotations from frescoes (ranging from the ancient period to the Quattrocento), which today come to us truncated and incomplete, activating the imagination. The cracks that run through the canvases reveal the fragility of the image and point to its inevitable disappearance. Collapse, already emblematically inscribed in the objects represented, then manifests itself directly in the very nature of the work.
Emilie Picard’s work has been the subject of several exhibitions in France and abroad. It has recently been shown in New York at the UniX gallery (US), as well as at the FRAC Lorraine (FR), the CAC Meymac (FR), the Palazzo Liestal (CH), and at various international fairs (Expo Chicago, Intersect Palm Springs, Luxembourg Art Week, etc.).

01.07. – 31.10.2023