Doy (Do Gyeong Kim)


cups in a cup, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2022, courtesy the artist

Do-gyeong Kim’s painting is physically a plane, but in reality, it is a three-dimensional space where the world of several layers coexist on one screen. Just as Alice falls into a rabbit hole, the holes in Her’s painting act as a portal connecting one world to the others. It’s refer to a picture plane world view like a multi-universe.

What’s interesting is that this overlap of the world doesn’t end in a single canvas, but it crosses between the canvas and the canvas. Part of the world depicted on one canvas appears on another, and appears repeatedly, connecting paintings and paintings like a dream where oranges or apples do not wake up, just like icons in the game. The repeated frame structure, like a dream in a dream, penetrates the entire painting of hers, and the important feature of the work is that the format of this repetition is not formal but freely fluctuates and flows.
Her’s paintings should be approached from the concept of a series paintings because they are not completed within a single picture plane. A notable point is that this connection does not stop only between planes and planes, but also leads to planes and stereoscopes. The real stuff in exhibition space and the stuff in the picture are connected are present in and outside the picture, blurring the distinction between virtual and real.

01.05. – 31.12.2023