David Escalona


Powder wasps, 2013, Variable measurement, mixed technique

After defending my doctoral thesis “Accident and the Wounded Body in Art”, I understood that I needed to carry out new art projects related to said thesis. I conceive art production as a constituent part of my art research.

It is important to highlight that the reasons behind my projects lie in the experiences lived throughout my artistic career, my training in Medicine, and my disability resulting from a serious accident I had years ago. My journey through hospitals and my relationship with patients and doctors, both as a patient and as a student, endowed me with a different perception of disability – a ambiguous concept that I believe should be reformulated from the viewpoints of science and art.

The body, disease and the fragility of our existence are some of the topics present in my work. I don’t try to vindicate disorder, pain or wound. Neither do I try to tackle disability via Art-therapy. I don’t aim to view art as a healing process… I think that conflict and contingency can be a seed for creation or for an opening to new possibilities in art and regarding a virtually all aspects of life.

15.11.2017 – 15.11.2018