David Armstrong-Six

Québec / Canada

David Armstrong-Six is searching for the specific shape of sculpture between noble grace and mere refuse, high cultural pretensions and casual collage, technology and nature, between the minimalist’s material sensitivity and the surrealist’s faith in contingency, between familiar forms and un-forms, i.e. elements that have been deplaced, reworked or destroyed. Using statics that are often scarcely credible, he constructs networks within which things communicate – first with each other, but later perhaps with us, too. David Armstrong-Six has been exhibiting internationally since 1997, including shows at White Columns and Andrew Kreps in New York, The Power Plant (Toronto), Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, and Loop-raum fur aktuelle kunst in Berlin. (Excerpt from the essay: Hajo Schiff „Kommunizierende Röhren zwischen Brot und Licht, Bohnen und Beton“ Be Magazine #19)