Daniel Barroca


In my work, I make an attempt to become involved with a process of reconnection to the intensity and authenticity of experience. My point of departure is my acknowledgment that in contemporary times experience is becoming gradually poorer, and that images are but a distorting filter of the real meaning of things. In the last few years, even if in a generic way, I have been developing a work whose nature questions the image itself and its relationship with the representation of the world. I have been attempting to establish relationships between two distinct media ? the photographic image and drawing ? in order to formally trigger a reflection on the mechanisms of the formation of sensibilities. I engage myself directly with the tensions that occur between photographic records as a means of memory, and drawing, understood as a process of formation of the I.

01.12.2007 – 30.11.2008

Exhibition: 14.08 – 31.08.2008