Cynthia Girard

Québec / Canada

Space in my work is ambiguous: surface and depth coexist. There is often more than one point of view on the same object, making the perspective awkward.

I paint a few structures and objects as props on monochromatic backgrounds, then add birds, insects and other animals to interact with these. The narrative is disruptive, the picture is ambivalent, things have gone wrong. A butterfly might burn its wings on a candle, a mouse is painting a weird still life, a character named Woodwoman is stuck in a landscape where the moon is a banana.

I interlace different visual traditions, using different visual languages on the same plane, allowing me to state a commitment to heterogeneity and multiplicity. The dreamlike worlds in my paintings are constructed to be beautiful, magical and burlesque, with overtones of eroticism and echoes of the bizarre.