Claudia Sarnthein

United Kingdom

Girl with Tiger, 2015, archival inkjet print, 30 x 16 cm

I am mainly guided by the secret of the image, and perhaps less by a linear narrative or rationale. Working predominately with mixed-media installations that combine drawing, painting, sculpture and print, the work emerges through a long process of condensation in search of pictorial incidents. The visual world, it seems to me, has foremost to do with reading distances and the crystallization of language—therefore my almost naïve attempt to hold and fortify the fragile conversational space between things. I am dealing with constellations and magnetic attractions. Precise notations help to arrange and structure modes of display, the floor often serving as both carrier and pathway. Each work is quietly aiming for preciousness, as tailor-made offerings they seem to navigate my linguistic inheritance. And there is of course looking, thinking and editing—vertically as well as horizontally.

15.04.2016 – 15.04.2017