Claire Healy


My practice as an installation artist is motivated by cohabitating in rapidly obsolescent urban spaces. My own experiences of loss or eviction due to forces of gentrification and living on a low income without a secure future are the conceptual forces behind my work. My point of departure is ‘the home’. The home is the sacred place of socialisation, a revered private space and retreat from the public domain. But for some, the home is a revered place due to its purely economic value. My work presents situations that are usually ironic in their context. They are direct site-specific enquiries into temporary living. Rather than solutions to the questions raised, they offer insight, mock or make clear the absurdity of the condition, leaving the viewer with questions of their own. During my Berlin residency, I will be collaborating with Australian artist Sean Cordeiro.


01.06.2005 – 30.06.2006