Christodoulos Panayiotou


Extending my personal convictions to the unexpected elements of research and the cultural features of a troubled milieu, I persistently strive to unsettle trivial orthodoxies that constitute the ideology of our everyday life. My educational background (I trained as a dancer before taking university courses in Philosophy and Anthropology) has had a substantial influence on my efforts to engage my vision, and consequently the vision of the spectator, with a certain process. This does not only entail a responsibility for the way the work itself is perceived but also for the way a critique signifies one`s position in relation to the production of culture. Searching for the fragmented moment, I try to re-construct the lost elements of an inconsequential time that legitimises what we ignore – or rather pretend to ignore – of ourselves and of our culture. I have been consistently interested in such references that promote ambivalence to the point that they can be criticised or reevaluated, and I see my art as a way to re-emphasise the duties of the spectator.

01.08.2008 – 31.07.2009