Chris Sauter


The Whole World, 2010 constructed from gallery walls (drywall) dimensions variable. telescope: 4 x 3 x 3 feet 300+ circles are cut and then used to construct a telescope that aims back at the wall to study the newly constructed star field made by the holes. On the other side of the wall, shapes are cut from the gallery wall arranged like the view through a microscope and used to construct a microscope.

Drawing from varied sources such as architecture, history, science, agriculture and religion, my work explores the links between biology and culture, the present and the past, the personal and the universal. My principal strategies are, transforming common objects into other recognizable objects and juxtaposing disparate materials and images. In the process, popular dichotomies are recognized and then collapsed into multifaceted wholes.

The most recent work tackles the dialectic between science and religion. Their relationship has been more or less contentious since the advent of modern science. In the United States, the rift between the understanding of science and religious dogma is ever widening adversely affecting the political, educational, and medical systems. An exploration of the history and connections of the two seems more vital than ever.

15.10.2014 – 15.01.2015