Chen Yi (Chih-Chien Chen)


In Yi’s cross-disciplinary artistic practice, he aims to explore issues including human desire, existence, data, environment, politics, economy, and society through the observation and comparison of tangible substance and virtual consciousness. Chen is accustomed to reassemble concepts, media, issues, and site-specific contexts in a set environment. With such a basis, he adopts philosophical dialectic and artistic language in his practice.

Chen Yi (born Chen Chih-Chien, 1979 Yunlin) graduated from Taipei National University of Arts. In 2010, Yi founded the artis collective LuxuryLogico when he digressed from his personal practice to participate in collaborative creation. LuxuryLogico based on the concept of “hybrid”, inspired by natural environment, tackling thoughts and ideas that filled the spectacles of contemporary society, integrating modern technology and cultivation of humanities, representing their ideas via “music,” “visuality,” “installation,” and “document,” their works of fantasies manifest in various forms and genres, including drama, movies, dance, architecture, music and social behavior.