Ayoung Kim


My work, which is based on news stories of mundane events, examines the subtle differences between public records and private stories. My ongoing project “Tales of a City” deals with the microcosmic histories of ordinary people in cities that have undergone rapid modernisation in recent years. By intertwining various bits of information in texts, videos, objects and photographs, my work attempts to re-materialise the memories of people who once lived in these cities. By doing so, it also surveys the fine line between the unspoken and shared knowledge remaining in the aftermath of the sometimes drastic changes that have affected these urban areas. The seemingly anecdotal or banal events depicted in my works are often tied in with broader social developments in the recent history of the places in which they are unfolding. My works are microcosms rather than epic depictions, examining how common events can be read differently according to their urban and social backdrop.

15.03.2011 – 15.03.2012