Arturas Raila


“The Powers of the Earth”
A serial project by Arturas Raila, Collaborators: Vaclovas Mikailionis, Vilius Gibavicius

An attempt to harmonize the relationship between man and nature in Berlin. Earth streams. It is well known that the Earth “breathes”: it casts streams of energy from its core into the universe and absorbs returning streams. Since these focussed streams flow in opposite directions, they attract each other – the ascending ones trying to absorb the descending ones –, forming diamond-shaped power structures on the surface of the Earth. These structures – shaped by the „borderlines“ of active streams of energy, which in turn form diamond-shaped cells – cover the entire surface of our planet like a net. The characteristics of Berlin. Like any other place on Earth, Berlin has unique characteristics. The inhabitants have always been using these features as a supplementary source of geo-energetic power. It is no coincidence that the city’s main axis is slightly inclined towards the Southeast, which goes to testify to the location’s uniqueness. This long axis starts in the historic part of town as the alley Unter den Linden and stretches beyond the Brandenburg Gate where it is now known as Strasse des 17. Juni. This configuration was determined by the first inhabitants in the 13th century when they chose the setting for the two first churches – Nikolaikirche and Marienkirche. Hence the city’s great energetic balance developed intuitively though not by coincidence. In the East, near the Marienkirche and the Neptune Fountain, limetrees are flourishing, while in the West, in Tiergarten, we find oak trees (the park has mainly oak trees). The spot in the centre of this great balance between limetrees and oaks is currently marked by the Brandenburg Gate.

(Vaclovas Mikailionis)

10.11. – 26.11.2006