Anna Júlía Friðbjörnsdóttir, Phosphoros, 2021, installation view from Idavöllur, Reykjavík Art Museum. No photographer´s credit deliberate.

ANNA JÚLÍA FRIÐBJÖRNSDÓTTIR is an artist based in Reykjavík. She combines various mediums, including drawing, sculpture and installations, to explore the intersection between science and culture informed by historical and current politics.

Interested in orientation and communication, the communion between people or lack of it, and man’s inability to connect to his environment and nature are reoccurring ideas in her work.

ANNA JÚLÍA FRIÐBJÖRNSDÓTTIR‘s works seek to merge local histories and the politics of places with broader historical perspectives and layered references from multiple sources. As research forms a large part of her practice, she often works with institutions and specialists in various fields. Coincidentally, her choice of materials stems from their inherent qualities and varied associations, such as glass beads, copper, carbon paper, bone ash and tallow.

FRIÐBJÖRNSDÓTTIR‘s work has been shown in the Reykjavik Art Museum; Gerdarsafn – Kopavogur Art Museum, and at Hafnarborg Hafnarfjordur Centre for Culture and Fine Arts, Iceland.

01.05.2022 – 15.04.2023