Anika Schwarzlose


SuperParliament 2018, silkscreen print on plexiglass plates, dimensions variable - about 200cm x 230cm x 20cm

My fundamental belief in the ability of images to exceed our imagination, and therefor expand our concept of reality is owed to a background in photography. Throughout my projects, form and image are explored in their function as vessels for collaborative endeavors, their potential to preserve and share knowledge and skills, but also concerning their power to assert meaning. Through the use of images in combination with a diverse range of other media, I investigate the methods and structures we invent in order to organize the world around us. I re-contextualize personal as well as political and historical events. A special interest is taken in how the strategies and devices through which we perceive our environment determine both what we see and how we comprehend what we see. I am driven by a need to investigate how images are created or generated, to read and analyse them, to understand their distribution and mediation and the consequences of such processes for our socio -, cultural-, and political situation. In my work formal aspects of images and image culture often function as sources of inspiration and a departure point for experimentation. For example image degradation, reproduction and other forms of manipulation are explored as creative techniques that lead to new results and even a different understanding of what an image can be.

01.08. – 30.11.2019