Andrei Renteria


Fringes: Flor Rivera Morales, 2017, lithograph crayon on vellum, 36" x 75", Part of the Mexic-Arte Museum's Permanent Collection, Austin, TX, USA. Credit: Andrea Rampone

Renteria’s work reflects his strong and longstanding interest in socio-political issues along the U.S./ Mexico border, where he grew up. His experimental approach to material provides a powerful forum to which explore crimes against humanity. He investigates how art can address and embody broader political issues, including torture and violence beyond international borders. In Fringes, Renteria meticulously renders the human form, presenting it a format meant to recall the pages of a notepad used at a crime scene by a detective/reporter. Thematically, Renteria focuses on the issues of femicides and forced disappearances, and through text describes the brutal sexual assaults, murders, and kidnappings, illustrating an unfortunate, ongoing reality. In an attempt to give voice to the voiceless, the scale of the “notepad paper” is enlarged to the life-size of the figures, honoring the victims and making it impossible for the viewer to ignore such topics.

Alana Coates

15.01. – 15.04.2018