Andrea Brandão


Uncertain Image, Photography, Mixed Media, 2016

My work does not have technical or formal borders. The research is what determines its materialisation. The work explores the notion of “process” seeking to test the limits of definition and realisation of the work. Searching the best possible format for my ideas and meanings of everyday life. All my works are composed of several parts, that somehow come together to form a single piece of work. Things are not self-contained, but rather composed by a multitude of small parts that construct the whole piece. It is always the same gesture, a continuous one from the first to the last project, and the work that remains to be done. I use multimedia, tangible and intangible materials, to explore the phenomena of sensorial perception as a language of the body, by invoking its presence as part of the work, for the experience of Art.

01.12.2017 – 01.12.2018